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Not even Black Jesus gives a fuck... So, do you give a FUCK?
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Yaaaas Madonna looks so good! 

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These are cute.

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I was at a drum circle once and this girl told this story while around the fire, this errie slow drum beat behind her, and this caused me to remember that moment, something that still sends chills down my spine


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ART: Pop Culture Portraits by Vivi Mac

Now this is cool. French artist Vivi Mac can use virtually any kind of food to create detailed celebrity portraits. Vivi doesn’t need a paintbrush, just a simple straw or a spoon. 

Her choice of food in each artwork usually derives from a food-related pun in the celebrity’s name. For example, her portrait of Ice Cube uses crushed ice cubes, while her Bruce Lee portrait in milk is titled ‘Bruce Lait’ (“lait” is French for milk). More after the jump:

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